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    One-Page Summary

    A summary of the Transformative Healthcare highlights on a single page that you can print out, refer to often, and share with others.

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    Secrets to Growing Physician Leaders

    Learn how physicians can become better leaders and discover how to motivate others and “lead up” in this guide from a retired US Army Lt. General and leadership teacher.

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    14 Secrets to Healthcare Leadership

    Hospital leaders are tasked with minimizing costs, upholding metrics, and accomplishing the mission. All while providing overall direction. In this guide, you’ll discover how to get your clinical staff and executive staff working in harmony towards the same goals.

  • Publicly available evidence about COVID-19 vaccines illustrate their safety and effectiveness.

    COVID-19 Care Non-ICU Protocol

    The methodology described in Transformative Healthcare led to the Guide to COVID Care, first published and distributed in August of 2020 to forty U.S. hospitals. Included online is the most recent COVID-19 Non-ICU Protocol. Care protocols are rapidly changing as new information comes to light and the most recent version is posted online.

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    Transformative Healthcare | Podcast on Spotify

    The podcast that led to the book. Listen as Dr. Kuhlman and Daniel Peach remember their experiences developing the protocols and methodology that became Transformative Healthcare.

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    Author's Recommendations

    Dr. Kuhlman and Daniel Peach have gathered a list of recommended books and resources for additional insights around Transformative Healthcare.