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Eat Plants Feel Whole Resources

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    My New Recipe Rotation

    Download this page to help you develop a list of your top new plant-based meals to replace previous unhealthy ones. Print out the form, post it on your fridge, and begin your plan today.

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    One-Page Overview

    An overview of The Eat Plants Feel Whole Plan on a single page that you can print out, refer to often, and share with others.

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    Print out the 18-day Eat Plants Feel Whole Plan menu so you can take it wherever you go.

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    Shopping List

    Make shopping for recipe ingredients easy with this downloadable shopping list. Ingredients here for all 50 recipes in the book!

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    Free Recipes

    There are fifty delicious recipes included in Eat Plants Feel Whole, but we have more to share with you. Download 6 additional whole-food, plant-based recipes to expand your food repertoire.

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    Dr. Guthrie Recommends

    Dr. Guthrie has created a list of recommended books, videos, and other resources. This list is available in Eat Plants Feel Whole and is included here for easy access.

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    Reading Group Guide

    Do you have a group of friends who might want to learn how to eat plants and feel whole? Why not start a book club and read the book together? If you would like to read Eat Plants Feel Whole in your reading group, this guide provides topics for discussion as well as suggested questions.

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Special Report: Let’s Talk About Cancer

All of us have been affected by cancer one way or another, either in ourselves or a loved one. You may wonder if diet and lifestyle play a role in its development. Dr. Guthrie has prepared a special report for you entitled “Let’s Talk About Cancer” to answer that question. With new research and information being discovered all the time, this special report contains the latest information about lifestyle’s impact on cancer. As a special feature in his report, Dr. Guthrie includes the Danish Nordic Cochrane Centre’s recommendation on breast cancer screening and the United States Preventive Services Task Force’s recommendation on prostate screening. Knowledge is power!

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