Carlos’ Journey to Whole Health

When Carlos wasn’t feeling well, his family sprang into action. On their way to the ER, Carlos went into cardiac arrest. EMS team members were able to revive Carlos and take him to AdventHealth Zephyrhills to continue lifesaving treatments. Learn how this experience has changed Carlos’ life and how he got back to feeling whole.

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Feel Whole in Body, Mind and Spirit

Living whole means being physically healthy, mentally well, spiritually connected and socially content. It’s about fulfilling your God-given potential through your unique traits and overcoming challenges along the way. When the body, mind and spirit are in harmony, you experience wholeness and perfect peace. And it’s the human spirit that drives us to live whole.

The Unhindered Human Spirit

In the places where the human spirit lives, wholeness becomes possible. The pillars of wholeness — love, heal, grow, live — really shine when the human spirit shows up. We love each other well, heal wounds when we can, help each other grow toward our goals and aspirations, and accompany one another along the journey so we can live our lives in community and service.

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    Love the Whole Person

    Through the power of love, healing and growth happen. Love propels the human spirit to connect and create, to give and receive. By loving and serving each person just as they are, we cultivate belonging, acceptance and total well-being. And wholeness becomes possible.

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    Heal the Whole Body

    All the systems in the body are interconnected and work together to make it run smoothly. When one part is out of order, all the others are affected. Healing the whole body starts with thoroughly examining all the parts and how they’re working collectively to influence overall wellness.

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    Grow the Whole Potential

    Just as a sturdy oak tree begins as an acorn with all its promise wrapped up in a tiny seed, we are born with unlimited potential and a sense of purpose. It’s the human spirit that continuously nudges us forward to realize our whole potential.

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    Live the Whole Journey

    Rather than waiting for life to happen, the moment we realize that it’s in relationships and community with others that we find meaning, despite any hardships we face, is when we truly start living. Achieving wholeness means being present for all of life’s ups and downs. Never underestimate the human spirit — we’re in this together.